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With motherhood a whole different kind of love develops and takes over. A love like no other I have ever experienced before. With each new child I am reminded of God’s love for us and the miracles He creates every single day. The way we love our children unconditionally is exactly how Christ loves us. Just like we are an extension of Him, my children are an extension of my very being. I carried them in my womb for 9 (let’s be honest, really 10) whole months and brought them into this world to love, nurture, and give my all for. They have become my best accomplishment. Words cannot express the amount of joy they bring to my life each and every second of the day. Even during the tough and exhausting days, I still feel as though I am right where I need to be. With them.

This passion of mine that I so love to do has encapsulated my motherhood journey in a way I never would have dreamed. Being able to capture my Brady bear’s first year, as well as my other children’s, is something I will forever cherish. The images above literally exudes her personality at 6 months of age. She’s innocent, sweet, and completely content with staying in one place. She loves to laugh and just be around family. Tears well up when I think about how fast the time is flying by and I so want to enjoy each and every moment with both of my children. With that I want to give a huge thank you to all of my clients and friends out there who have given me the opportunity to capture their special moments like these. Whether it was your wedding day, your maternity, or your family, I am forever grateful of the time we have spent together and the moments I got to share with each of you. Without you, Ever & Anon wouldn’t exist. And I cannot thank my Savior enough for giving me this gift that helps me serve others.

A lot of change is coming to Ever & Anon this next year. We are expecting our third baby in April, which means even more mess and chaos will be enjoyed in our lovely household. I have no doubt God knows what He is doing. I feel as though the Lord is leading me on a different path for Ever & Anon, one that is very close and dear to my heart. Since becoming a mother two years ago, I have realized the journey us mothers endure is so strong. It has been the hardest part of my life and the most rewarding. With that being said, you will see a lot more beautiful, strong, and amazing mothers gracing our pages. To really show a mother’s special bond with her children, right in that very moment in that season of their lives. I will still book a limited number of weddings each year, but my primary focus starting in 2016 will be encapsulating moments in motherhood. For more information, please contact and I would be happy to provide more details.

In the meantime, I pray for patience with this transition. Guidance to know where to go and what steps to take. Strength and courage to continue moving in the right direction when often times I get side-tracked or discouraged. And creative vision to capture exactly what I am supposed to capture.

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